It is with great pleasure that I greet the current and future students of Wekerle Business School. With its long-standing establishment, we are here to provide excellent higher education programmes for the domestic and international students. Founded in 2008, Wekerle Business School is located in the city centre of Budapest, capital of Hungary. The College offers trainings ranging from higher education vocational programmes, bachelors’ degrees to postgraduate specialist professional programmes. Wekerle Business School provides our students with practice-oriented learning environment; the College regularly invites professional guest lecturers from well-established companies to introduce cutting-edge practical knowledge to students. It also invites senior business managers to share their successful experiences in their respective fields. The ‘Career Office’ of the College actively assists the graduates in finding suitable jobs in Hungary or within the European countries. As a result, the College has a high graduate employment success rate. In November 2022, Hope Education Group from China acquired Wekerle Business School in Hungary. This enables the College to be affiliated to many other renowned universities under Hope Overseas Education’s international network. We will be able to provide academic collaboration for our instructors to exchange academia knowledge and flexible education pathways for our students for transfer options to study at universities in other countries such as China, Malaysia, Thailand and many other countries that will be added to the HOPE international network in the near future. Wekerle Business School is committed to providing high-quality education. With twenty years of experience gained in the field of education behind us, the College has excellent instructors, well developed curriculum, vast industry networking with involvement of recognised practical experts and professionals – all these enable our students to gain valuable insights, practical knowledge and skills. Most importantly, our special methods make learning easier and have already helped many of our students. Wekerle Business School will continue striving to improve the employment opportunities among our graduates and aims to produce more international talents for the society. Once again, welcome to Wekerle Business School!


‘In line with the mission of WBSC our goal is to assist our students in becoming critical thinkers and committed intellectuals within the framework of a  professional, streamlined, yet student-friendly educational system, using the teaching methods of the 21st century. The word  ‘Business’ in the name of our school  is of vital importance as it means that our trainings have a particular focus on the development of up-to-date and ready-to-use business skills. We strive for providing our students with tailor-made assistance in starting and building their careers. We are convinced that education exists only in an international context, thus we are prepared to accept a gradually increasing number of international students. Our management and staff do their best to create the conditions for ‘comprehensive college experience’, i.e. besides the up-to-date knowledge based on the latest scientific findings, we offer an inspiring learning environment and a variety of social events for our students. I do hope that You, a present or future student of ours, will also benefit from the achievements of our institution while contributing to our mutual success with your own drive, enthusiasm and original approach.’

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  •  H-1083 Budapest, Jázmin utca 10.

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