At Wekerle Business School, we believe in the transformative power of education. Education is not just about gaining knowledge; it's about shaping futures, opening doors, and creating opportunities. With this vision in mind, we are proud to announce the “LEARN TO SUCCEED” Grant in the academic year of February 2024, which is up to EUR3500:


Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for the “EARLY BIRD” GRANT, applicants must meet the following criteria:


For the spring semester, the early bird applicant has to receive his/her Final Acceptance Letter by 15th November 2023, meaning that by the below deadlines:

  • the Applicant has paid all his/her fees for the 1st academic year (both semesters),
  • has uploaded his/her visa documents to the school’s admission system,
  • and has communicated his/her visa appointment date to the school).

Keeping the above deadlines will result in EUR600 discount off the first year’s tuition fee.


Besides keeping the above deadlines, an early bird applicant will also have to apply with good A-level/higher secondary school results, meaning that they need to have a min. 60 % result of the below subjects:

  • in English,
  • in Mathematics,
  • and the overall Grade Point Average (GPA)

and they also must have an internationally recognised language exam certificate in English with a minimum equivalent to CEFR B2 level result.

Presenting the above certificates will add another EUR400 discount off the 1st year’s tuition fee.

All in all, an early bird grant package means a 1,000 EUR total discount off the 1st year’s tuition fee, which will be acknowledged in the 2nd year’s tuition fee, after the payment of the administration fee for the 2nd year (third semester) has been made.

Application Deadline:

All applications must submit the ‘Early Bird Grant’ Application Form and receive Final Acceptance Letter by 15th November 2023. Late submissions will not be considered, so please ensure your application is completed and submitted before this date.

Study Level: Undergraduate (International English Bachelor’s Degree) / Full Time

Academic Entry year: FEBRUARY 2024

Open to: Eligible international high school graduates

Applicable Program

Bachelors In Business Administration And Management (English)

Bachelors In Commerce And Marketing (English)

Bachelors In Business Informatics (English)

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