It is available for the existing local and international Bachelor students with minimum have successfully completed at least one year of studies at WBS, who have demonstrated exceptional skills, abilities, or achievements in a particular field, such as the arts, sports, music, or other specialized areas. 

In order to receive the talent scholarship (up to EUR 500), the student must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants should have a proven record of outstanding achievement or exceptional skill in a specific area, such as visual arts, performing arts, athletics, music, dance, writing, science, technology, etc.

  • Provide documentation of awards, recognition, competitions won, exhibitions, performances, or other relevant accomplishments in the talent area.

  • An essay or personal statement discussing the applicant's talent, goals, motivation, and aspirations in the talent area.

  • Leadership or Impact: evidence of how the applicant's talent has positively impacted their community, school, or peers.

All the students who meet the above conditions can apply for the grant before they start their internship, please send your applications by the given deadline to:

International Studentkispal.krisztina@wsuf.hu

Local student: berkes.klaudia@wsuf.hu

Selection Process:

Our scholarship committee will review all eligible applications and select recipients based on the strength of their application materials, alignment with the scholarship's values, and potential for growth. Successful applicants will be notified by the student graduate from Wekerle Business School.

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