Program-Designer IT Specialist

 The aim of the programme is to train IT specialists who relying on their previous qualifications can acquire the basics of program- and web-design as well as the technique of object-oriented programming, the structure of databases and the use of SQL.

This programme was designed based on a thorough research of the labour market for students who wish to start a new career either in their original field of training but coupling it with their newly acquired IT competences, or in a completely new field as program-designer IT-specialists.

The graduate student of the programme will be able to:

  • apply the basics of program- and web-design;
  • implement the technique of object-oriented programming;
  • understand the multi-level application logic;
  • comprehend the structure of databases;
  • apply SQL (Structured Query Language);
  • develop software in a Java environment;
  • create and develop database-based web-applications through the use of web-based frameworks.

Knowledge and information to be acquired during the programme:

  • basic and core material (66%):
    IT basics, algorithms – for 10 credits;
    the basics of the Java-language programming and the JavaScript language, programmed management of files, object-oriented programming, the designing of simple websites, database management, the application of SQL – for 20 credits;
  • differentiated professional material (33%):
    the designing of web applications, visual programming, the Java environment for development, technologies for software development – for 15 credits; thesis – 15 credits.

Personal characteristics and skills to be improved during the programme:

  • skills that are necessary for converting the learnt material into practical implementation
  • the ability of summarizing the completed tasks and their results in a professional way
  • skills that are necessary for the creative completion of assignments related to the topics of the programme
  • motivation to complete engineering tasks independently
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Title of award

Program-Designer IT Specialist

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Field of training


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Pre-requisite degree

BA or BSc degree in IT, Natural, Technical, Agricultural or Economic Sciences (with at least 3 years of studies)

Required level of English language proficiency

minimum B2 level (IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL iBT 72 or equivalent)

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2 semesters

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Form of training


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Number of credits


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NB: For this programme applicants from Iran are exclusively admitted through DreamLand Agency. Please, contact them at

Please, click on the button below to register, and note that upon registration you will be requested to pay the registration fee of 200 EUR.

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