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Special Issue on "International Politics"

Special Issue on "International Politics"
Submission Deadline: December 14th, 2017 Publication Date: February 2018


Dear László árva,

The Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS), an academic journal published monthly, is collecting papers for the special issue on "International Politics" [>> Webpage] which you might be interested in. You are welcome to enter our Online Submission System to submit your valuable research work.
Or you can send the word version of your paper by replying to this email directly (Unified naming format for mail topics: "OJPS_IP-167-Article Title"). Response will be given within 24 hours.
Published Articles in OJPS

The Feasibility of Participatory Democracy —Examination of the Influence of the Phenomenon of Registration to Parties in Israel on the Level of the Citizen’s Political Participation
Muhesen Aleqing, Xudong Qi
Redefinition of Sovereignty in Modern International Law
Peter Emerson
Impact of Public-Private Partnership on Water Service Delivery in Kenya
Guanqiong Yang, An Huang


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